Trustees & Leadership


Waldorf schools operate with a governance structure of shared leadership. HVWS is governed by a Board of Trustees and a College of Teachers, and is supported by an Administrative team. The Board of Trustees is responsible for financial, legal, and property matters. Decisions about teaching matters belong to the College of Teachers, drawn from faculty leadership.

The Administration oversees the daily operations of the school. The Leadership Council, comprised of representatives from the Board, College, and Administration, serves as a point of contact for parents with questions or concerns.

Trustees Mission Statement The Board of Trustees of the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School is responsible for the financial stability, physical well-being and legal interests of the school. We serve and support the community in the achievement of the school’s mission.

2021-22 Trustees Current

  • Charlotte Bergmans, President, HVWS Alumni Parent
  • Sunshine Lucas, Vice President, HVWS Parent
  • Daniela Squizzato, Secretary, HVWS Parent
  • Naveen Terway, Treasurer, HVWS Parent
  • Natasha Daniels-Pearson, HVWS Parent
  • Carrie Reilly, HVWS Teacher and Alumni Parent
  • Marcela Perez, HVWS Teacher and Alumni Parent
  • Lisa Tassone, HVWS Parent

2021-22 Trustees Former

  • Chip Parrish, HVWS Parent

2020-21 Trustees Former

  • Laura Stotz, Former HVWS Parent

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