Ready to Learn More About HVWS?

At Housatonic Valley Waldorf School, we provide an enriching environment for your child through all stages of development, starting with our preschool programs. We believe that play-based preschools are more impactful than traditional schools because children learn best through exploration and play. Play allows children to develop creativity and problem-solving skills. Because an understanding and appreciation of nature is also key to a child’s development, our students spend time outdoors and play with nature-based toys like wood, stone, and wool in our nature-based preschool. 

The programs at Housatonic Valley Waldorf School aren’t limited to the standard school year; our talented educators continue to help our students thrive through the summer with our day summer camp, the perfect place for your child to enjoy a variety of enriching activities. 

From our preschool to our private elementary school and private middle school, our staff is proud to help teach and support children across the state, including Newtown, CT; Bethel, CT; and Danbury, CT. We’re also proud to serve Westchester County, New York. If you’re interested in finding out more about the programs and curriculum we offer at our independent day school, please complete and submit the form below, or contact us via e-mail with any questions regarding our enrollment process.​

We look forward to hearing from you!