Form Drawing

The Art of the Moving Line

Form Drawing

“Form Drawing is the imprint of line born from movement of the human hand.”

Join visiting Waldorf teacher Kim Murriera and explore the art of the moving line. Share in an ‘adult’ experience of form drawing that will inspire and fuel a relationship to balance, spatial orientation and a discovery of resting within movement. Kim will tailor your time together for teachers needing to reconnect with bringing forms alive in the classroom, for parents curious about from drawing, or simply anyone seeking an artistic experience that is endless in life metaphors.

Kim Murriera completed a degree in child development in California and earned a Teaching Certificate in Waldorf/Steiner Education from Emerson College in the UK. She completed her post-graduate degree in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy in Melbourne, Australia in 2002. She ran her own Waldorf Home-School for 9 years. Kim currently lives on the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii and runs a six month course on creativity called Create Yourself Awake. Alongside this she teaches form drawing for adults and children, sees private Art Therapy clients, teaches an Embryology in Clay workshop and is an avid mosaic artist.

PLEASE NOTE: As of April 2, there is only ONE space left in the April 9 class.

During her two-week visit, Kim will also be working with the grade school students to complete a much-anticipated mosaic mural on the exterior entrance walls of the lower level of Compass Hall!