Diversity & Inclusion

The Housatonic Valley Waldorf School community is a unique and ever-evolving tapestry that weaves together people from diverse social, economic and national backgrounds with different beliefs, racialized and gendered identities, family structures, abilities, and life experiences. We strive to respect and honor these differences in the life and activities of our school responsibly, with clarity, historical accuracy, and purpose.

Our Faculty and Staff:

As conscientious role models to our student body, HVWS faculty and staff work very hard together daily through critical self and group reflection to ensure that no individual, nor any group, is left out, tracked, neglected, or otherwise alienated. We do not avoid conversations; we have conversations, even if they are tough, in order to promote a healthy environment for everyone.

One of the fundamental tenets of Waldorf education is a continuous and conscientious effort to be inclusive; to promote unity, cohesion, and harmony both within the educational setting and between the school and our larger community and world. We strive to be purposeful and constructive at every level, from individual interactions to an ongoing enhancement of curriculum to community outreach.

Our Students and Families:

HVWS aims to develop a healthy social consciousness within each student. Pedagogically, Waldorf education encourages such a critical consciousness by nurturing students’ inherent curiosities, helping them to develop critical reasoning skills, and promoting a consciousness among students that is both empathetic and socially responsible. In addition to the work in the classroom, HVWS parents play an important part by sharing their unique cultures and lived experiences with the school. We see the active contributions of our families as vital assets to deepening our understanding and appreciation of each other.

Honoring and exploring diversity is an essential strength to both our community and the education we offer. Students benefit from a deep and rich understanding of the world that is inclusive of many perspectives and differing experiences. In return, HVWS students are thoughtful, confident, capable, caring and responsible young people whose education serves them well beyond Newtown, Bethel, & Danbury, Connecticut.

HVWS in Action:

There are many privileges associated with being an independent school. With those privileges come both a responsibility and an opportunity to make HVWS accessible and to establish relevant and continuous dialogue in our classrooms, within our faculty, and amongst parents and the extended community. The Housatonic Valley Waldorf School’s Diversity Committee is active and works hard to provide relevant and timely resources:

  • Information and curriculum development materials through our growing library of diversity-related literature, including audio and video materials. We are always adding more items to our collection and would welcome suggestions and/or the contribution of materials!
  • Community events and collaborative projects in support of diversity and inclusivity.
  • Opportunities for education, study, and training to our faculty and parents.

Non-discrimination Policy:

The Housatonic Valley Waldorf School is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We do not discriminate based on religion, national origin, color, race, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or physical disability in our programs and activities or in our hiring, admissions, financial aid, or scholarship practices and policies.