Summer Camp 2021

Information for Registered Campers

Dear Camp Families,

Welcome to Housatonic Valley Waldorf School’s Summer Camp. We are excited to have you join us this summer! The following information will be helpful in preparing your child for camp.

If you are already registered for camp and would like to add additional weeks, please do so at

Contact Information:

The HVWS Front Office can be reached at 203-364-1113. If your child will be absent or late to camp, please leave a message with the office. You can reach the Camp Director, Marcela Perez, at

Camp Hours:

Drop-off is at 9 AM and pick-up is at 3 PM. Please be punctual.

Extended Care:

This summer we will offer Extended Care before and after camp. The rate is $10/hr. Please email Marcela Perez directly to sign up for Extended Care on any given day. Payments for Extended Care may be made at

  • Early Care: 8-9 AM
  • Late Care: 3-6 PM

Explorers (ages 3 to 8 years):

  • Our Explorers Camp is located on our North Campus play yard at 40 Dodgingtown Rd. (route 302). You may park in the circular driveway in front of the Rose Garden building or in the adjacent Taunton Hill Rd. parking lot.
  • Please send in a labeled change of clothes, bathing suit, towel, and sun hat. Though the playground has plenty of shade, the sun hat is very important as our beloved play yard sand box receives full sun all day—a baseball cap or visor does not provide proper neck and ear protection.

Artists (ages 9-14 years):

  • Our Artists Camp is located on our South Campus play yard at 1 Jacklin Rd. You may pull into the circular driveway, park in the rear or front parking spaces at the Dodgingtown Fire Department (across Jacklin Rd.), or park at the Taunton Hill Parking Lot (across Rt. 302). Please do not park against the Fire House building in the rear.
  • We recommend sending a labeled change of clothes, bathing suit, towel, and sun hat. Campers may choose to participate in water play with sprinklers.


  • Campers must bring their own snack and lunch packed in a labeled lunch bag with an ice pack. We encourage healthy food choices: no soda or candy, please!
  • Please remember to send in a water bottle labeled with your child’s name.


  • No child is allowed to self-medicate. All medications need to be sent in with campers on their first day of camp with written doctor’s instructions signed by a physician and parent. Please contact our Camp Director, with any questions regarding your child’s health needs.
  • Our staff is CPR certified and we will work with our local medical teams on call if a situation warrants immediate medical attention.


  • The children will be quite busy and happy playing in the outdoors and they will not need any electronic interruption. We ask that your child not bring any electronic devices to camp.
  • If your child needs to speak or send a message to you during camp hours they can ask a counselor to use a phone.

Clothing and Footwear:

  • We ask that t-shirts, backpacks, etc. have limited media logos, which can be very distracting, especially to the younger children.
  • Please have your children wear comfortable, durable footwear. We recommend sneakers or Keene-type sandals. Flip flops and Crocs are unsafe when sweaty and do not allow children to fully run, jump, and move safely.


Please read and review our HVWS Summer Camp COVID-19 Operational Plan (Version 2 – May 25 2021).

Daily Attestation of Health

All caregivers must assess their child’s health daily and keep them home if they are exhibiting any signs of illness as detailed below. Likewise, all camp staff must assess their own health daily and remain home if they are exhibiting any signs of illness as detailed below.

  • Have you had a fever greater than or equal to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 48 hours without fever-reducing medication?
  • Are you exhibiting any signs or symptoms of an undiagnosed respiratory illness (cough, runny nose, respiratory secretions)?
  • Are you experiencing shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  • Do you have chills or generalized body aches?
  • Have you lost your sense of smell or taste?
  • Do you have a new headache (e.g. one not associated with known conditions such as allergies)?
  • Do you have a sore throat?
  • Have you experienced active vomiting or diarrhea within the last 48 hours?
  • Have you experienced an unexplained loss of appetite?
  • Do you have a bacterial infection such as pink eye or strep throat that has not yet been treated with antibiotics for a full 24 hours?
  • Are you experiencing an undiagnosed rash or new and/or untreated rash or skin condition (e.g. hives or a wound with purulent drainage)?
  • Have you been asked to self-isolate or instructed to quarantine by a medical professional or local health department official?
  • If you are not fully vaccinated, have you been identified as a close contact of anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19? (For these purposes, the CDC defines close contact as having been any within six feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes).

If an individual develops any key COVID-19 symptoms—fever of 100.4 or more, chills, uncontrolled new cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell—or a combination of secondary symptoms, the individual should consult with their doctor and seek a COVID-19 test.


Health Forms:

All families must submit a health assessment form that was completed by their child’s healthcare provider within three years of the last day of Summer Camp. If your child does not have a current health form on file, please submit one via e-mail to or via fax to 203-364- 0630.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to camp this summer!

Marcela Perez
Summer Camp Director