Bethel, CT

Community Engagement & Day Summer Camp

Bethel, CT is a quaint and vibrant community that cares deeply about the involvement of its residents. From hiking and bike trails to artistic activities, historical celebrations and more, Bethel offers the opportunity for its residents to take part in the growth of every neighbor that calls the cozy town “home.”

Another way Bethel, CT offers the opportunity for locals to succeed is through its thriving d summer camp, play-based preschool and kindergarten programs, middle schools, private schools and other educational opportunities. Bethel truly allows parents to take an active role in the type of education that they feel will best help their students flourish.


Early Childhood Education in Newtown, CT

Why Should You Enroll Your Child In Our Day Summer Camp?

Our day summer camp is designed to encourage and foster a child’s internal love for exploring and learning. Electronics are not a tool that we utilize with students attending our day summer camp because we will be outside exploring and doing fun activities throughout the day. Day summer camp gives working parents the opportunity to put their child in a fun, but still educational program instead of having to stress over finding childcare every day during the summer. Our day summer camp is also a great way for your child to make friends with other children their age.

Helping Our Students Succeed

Among the best educational options available for student growth in Bethel, CT is the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School right on the Bethel-Newtown border. We aim to offer an authentic Waldorf experience while supporting programs that teach the foundations of self-expression, self-discovery, engagement, responsibility and independence.

Housatonic Valley Waldorf School offers private programs for students at the early childhood education level, preschool level, kindergarten level, elementary level and middle school level. We encourage creative thinking at every step to prepare students for the world ahead, and to inspire them to take part in their local and global communities. Contact us today to learn more about the Waldorf approach, and how we can help your student succeed at our private elementary school and middle school.