After-School Classes

Our campus is closed. Our learning continues. Our community is resilient.

Sample Programs at HVWS. . .

While our campus is closed you can still familiarize yourself with the types of after-school programs we offer.  We cannot wait to be back on campus and resume classes!

Please e-mail Maria Green at if you are interested in learning more.


For 5th-8th Grade

Student will explore the fundamentals of improv theater, working on skits and monologues.


For Adults

Time to relax and recharge. Enjoy the benefits of these practices in one great class. Master Fagan (Sensei June) has studied karate for over 40 years and is a 5th Degree Black Belt in the style of Shaolin, Kempo Karate. She has been teaching Karate since 1999 and Tai Chi since 2015. Master Fagan has trained under Robert Peng Qi –Gong Master.


For 2nd-8th Grade

Kempo Karate originates from the Shaolin Temple. This style of karate teaches basic blocks, strikes, forms, combinations, and self-defense techniques. Kempo Karate can bring confidence, discipline, and balance to students. It’s also great for crossing the midline! Students of all ages and experience will be met at their level in this mixed-grade class. Students can purchase a karate uniform from Sensei June at an additional fee of $41, or wear work out clothes – sweatpants or leggings – (no jeans).

Circus Arts

For 3rd-8th Grade

Students will explore basic instruction and practice in tumbling, acrobatics, juggling, clowning and balance skills, including rolling globe, balance board, and unicycle.


For 1st-8th Grade

Students will discover and express rhythm through various rhythm-based games and improvisation skills. Students will collaborate with others, adding their own sounds to a joyful grove while learning music-making skills.


For to 3rd-8th Grade

Students will work in various modes of artistic expression including painting and drawing techniques.

Please e-mail Maria Green at if you are interested in learning more.