2022 HVWS 8th Grade
Eurythmy Performance: The Story of Qiu Jin

HVWS Eurythmy Teacher, Laetitia Berrier-Saarbach writes: “At HVWS, the 8th grade finish their Euyrthmy curriculum with a graduation that involves a performance. I like to lead them into working on a tale that they would perform as a gift for younger students. This year, they presented The Story of Qiu Jin, the true story of a Chinese revolutionary, feminist, poet and martial artist who defied gender norms and fought against the Qing Dynasty. I asked a young Chinese-New Zealander-American, Sam Wheeler (Green Meadow Waldorf School alum currently in College for Creative Writing), to write the play from newspaper articles I had found about Qiu Jin. This led to a performance that included Eurythmy, acting and music. Mrs. Straub accompanied beautifully on piano and Mrs, O’Neil generously participated by playing the recorder for the final music piece.”