HVWS Dandelion KindergartenHello HVWS Community, and Happy Thanksgiving!

We did it! It is nearly Thanksgiving and we are still on campus! If there is one thing I have learned, gratitude is the quickest way to a warm heart and light spirit. While times are tough, and we may be grieving a ‘normal’ Thanksgiving, I know if I consciously focus on all that IS good, my mood lifts.

I’ll start. I’d like to express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude for the HVWS Community – ALL of you. For the teachers, who have been called to double duty during these COVID times and are the real reason we send our children to HVWS – for the Administration who have worked tireless extra hours to ensure a safe environment for our children and facilitate their being together on campus – for our Board members who quickly and adeptly applied for loans and grants to ensure we continue as a viable concern as our community struggles with financial stressors of the pandemic, and lastly – for our families who have entrusted us with the education, growth, and well-being of their children in an environment in which we are ALL struggling with trust, faith, and hope.

Let’s all take a DEEP BREATH and express our gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

With that, we ask you to help us raise our 2020-2021 commitment of $30k toward the Annual Fund with a potentially tax-deductible donation.


What IS the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund are monies contributed by the HVWS Community – by our teachers, our parents and grandparents, our Board members, our alumni, and our extended family and friends – to help fill the gap between our tuition revenue and operating expenses. The typical independent school budget relies on annual giving to contribute anywhere from 3-15% of the operating budget. This year, HVWS has set an annual fund goal of $30,000, 2% of our budget. The Annual Fund helps us keep our commitment to you and your children by allowing us to provide a rich Waldorf Curriculum supported by talented and experienced teachers. It allows us to strive to keep tuition affordable with the goal of providing this education to as many children as possible.


Please give to the extent to which you are able. Whether you can give a lot or a little, please show your commitment. Every family, every teacher, every Board member, every friend participating really DOES make a difference. 19 contributors have brought us to just over $18,000 in donations and pledges so far for this year. Please join them to help us exceed our goal. Donate now via credit card on our website (consider signing up for a recurring donation) OR save us 3% in processing fees and send your check, payable to HVWS, to:

40 Dodgingtown Road
Newtown CT 06470



Charlotte Bergmans
President, HVWS Board of Trustees