Morning Glories Parent-Child Class

Birth to age 3 1/2
In our Morning Glories Parent-Child Class, you and your child will experience a Waldorf Early Childhood atmosphere and community—a place where children play together and parents support one another.

Creative play is central to the Waldorf approach to Early Childhood, for it is in play that the children assimilate and integrate the world around them. Their experience of the general mood, the speech they hear, and sense impressions at home and elsewhere, are reenacted through imitation in play. Toys in the Waldorf Early Childhood environment are simple and unfinished, inviting the children to enliven them. Through fantasy and imitation the children begin their journey into themselves and out into the world. 

While play is important for physical, social, and emotional growth, it is also the formative element for the development of thinking and intellectual activities. The more children can be absorbed in their play, the more freely and effectively they will take hold of their potentials in the future.
Each morning in the Morning Glories classes follows the same rhythm. The day begins with free play for the children and meaningful work for the adults. The parents (and sometimes children) might knead dough to be baked into bread for the class snack and later work on a handwork project lead by the class teacher. Adults may engage in quiet conversation but are requested to maintain an atmosphere of calm and refrain from discussing adult topics. Next, the class teacher will lead the children and parents in tidying the room. Circle time follows with seasonal songs, finger games, and a simple puppet show. After the circle, everyone shares a wholesome snack at a beautifully laid table. The older children might help serve their parents and friends. After snack time, the children bid farewell to their teacher and are invited to play outside, with parent supervision.

Details for 2014-2015

Parents, grandparents, or other caregivers are welcome with children up to 3 1/2 years old. Each class meets once a week, Wednesday or Thursday 9:30-11:30 a.m.

Session 1
Wednesday Morning Glories: Sept. 10-Jan. 21
Thursday Morning Glories: Sept. 11-Jan. 22

Session 2
Wednesday Morning Glories: Feb. 4-Jun. 3
Thursday Morning Glories: Feb. 5-Jun.4

The fee is $535 per family, per session, which includes siblings under 18 months; siblings 18 months or older add $160. Register for the entire year in advance and receive one class free. Payable in advance.


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