We recognize the need for safe, comfortable, and healthy activity in a home-like environment following the regular Kindergarten day. When your child joins our Aftercare program s/he enjoys more of the Waldorf experience for more of the day.

After the Kindergarten’s departure, children gather for lunch (brought from home), and then a rest time, when they exhale from their busy morning. On rising, they engage in age-appropriate activities such as songs, stories, and exploring playthings in their indoor environment. Guided by Waldorf-trained teachers who monitor the rhythms and activities with care, Aftercare is an opportunity for children to explore with less structure than during the morning, freely socialize and go at their own pace. Parents appreciate the opportunity for children to develop friendships without having to set up playdates.

Aftercare may be arranged on a monthly or drop-in basis and runs from 12:15 until 2:55 p.m. daily.


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