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Thanksgiving Food Drive

Posted On: 11/7/2013 11:01:00 AM

Nov. 12-27

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Thanksgiving Food Drive!

The Flag

Posted On: 11/18/2013 10:04:00 AM

The lead class will now take on the responsibility of raising and lowering the flag each day.

New York State Seeks to Scale Back Student Testing

Posted On: 11/6/2013 12:54:00 PM

By JAVIER C. HERNÁNDEZ for The New York Times

How Video Games Are Getting Inside Your Head — And Wallet

Posted On: 11/4/2013 1:39:00 PM

By Steve Henn from NPR's All Tech Considered

Don't replace paper books yet, at least for kids

Posted On: 11/3/2013 9:59:00 PM

From the News Times

Fall Fair & Craft Market THIS Weekend!

Posted On: 10/28/2013 10:24:00 AM

11 Ways Your Child Loses When You Rush Him Through Life

Posted On: 10/17/2013 2:18:00 PM

Cherish childhood, don't rush it.

Waldorf Graduate Wins Nobel Prize

Posted On: 10/17/2013 2:09:00 PM

Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble to Perform for HVWS Students

Posted On: 10/16/2013 1:51:00 PM

Remembering Else

Posted On: 10/10/2013 2:32:00 PM

A tribute to Else Göttgens.

Michaelmas Festival At The Housatonic Valley Waldorf School

Posted On: 10/4/2013 4:32:00 PM

By Alissa Silber for The Newtown Bee

Waldorf kindergartens and schools bruised but not broken in Boulder County after epic rain and flooding

Posted On: 9/26/2013 9:28:00 AM

By David Kennedy for Waldorf Today

Why Our Kids Need Play, Now More Than Ever

Posted On: 9/26/2013 9:15:00 AM

By Sarah Goodyear for The Atlantic CITIES

HVWS Welcomes our new Administrator, Joanne Andruscavage.

Posted On: 9/25/2013 1:35:00 PM

Goodbye screen time, hello awesome kid

Posted On: 9/26/2013 9:13:00 AM

By Elka Karl for

The Waldorf Way: Enrollment Up Nationally in No Test, No Tech Schools, and We’ve Got One in Newtown

Posted On: 9/23/2013 1:31:00 PM

By MaryAnn Murtha for Newtown's HamletHub

The Erosion of Listening: A Contemporary Crisis of Childhood

Posted On: 9/23/2013 12:09:00 PM

By Sheila Johns for The Association for Waldorf Music Education

Rose Ceremony

Posted On: 9/9/2013 1:05:00 PM

The first day of school at the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School marked the 19th Rose ceremony hosted by the school.

Harvest Feast Finalizes Waldorf School Summer Camp

Posted On: 8/24/2013 10:02:00 AM

By Eliza Hallabeck for the Newtown Bee

Welcoming Spring at Housatonic Valley Waldorf School

Posted On: 8/20/2013 2:58:00 PM

By Eliza Hallabeck for The Newtown Bee
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