Introducing Variable Tuition

2018-19 Tuition

Published Tuition

Pre-k/Kindergarten 3-day: $7,465

Pre-k/Kindergarten 5-day: $10,310

Grades 1-8: $17,780

Think you can’t afford a Waldorf Education? Think again!
Variable Tuition

If your financial situation makes it difficult to pay the published tuition amount we encourage you to apply for a Variable Tuition.

Variable Tuition Range

Pre-k/Kindergarten: $2,240 – $10,310

Grades 1-8: $5,335-$17,780

Families wishing to explore Variable Tuition simply apply online.

Waldorf Education is life changing and world changing, one child at a time.

We believe a Waldorf education is one of the most important investments you can make in your child's formative years. Our students grow into accomplished, thriving young people notable not only for their confidence, abilities, and interests, but for the profound human connections they form. This is why—inspired by our 10th graduating class and our 100th graduate—we are introducing a new tuition model: Variable Tuition.

Over the past two years our faculty and staff have embarked on a path of diversity training and reflection and in collaboration with the Board of Trustees, we are committed to economic diversity as a major goal. We want to partner with families in making a Waldorf education accessible to those who seek it, while also working toward school and community sustainability. We believe these goals go hand in hand.

Delivering a Waldorf education is resource-intensive but we want to change the paradigm and promote a culture that views tuition as a two-way conversation rather than simply an exchange of dollars and cents. We understand that each family’s financial circumstances are unique and are implementing this model so that finances will not be an obstacle to your child receiving a Waldorf education.

Other Forms of Support

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