The Big Three

Posted On: 4/21/2017 9:04 AM

It is difficult to sum up the experience, and results, of a Waldorf Education; it is qualitative more than quantitative. As Enrollment Director, if I had to pick three events I would most encourage parents to attend to witness the “outcome” of a Housatonic Valley Waldorf School education, it would be the graduation projects, the Shakespeare play, and graduation.
Please put these dates on your calendar:
  • April 7, 6:30 PM: Graduation Project Presentations
  • May 25 & 26, 7 PM: Shakespeare Play, Twelfth Night
  • June 10, 10 AM: Graduation (the Class of 2017's final assembly performance)
At each of the above events you will be amazed at our students’ achievements and inspired by who they are while receiving a glimpse of the adults they are becoming. Our students grow into accomplished, thriving young people notable not only for their confidence, abilities, and interests, but for the profound human connections they form.

Each Fall I am contacted by no less than half a dozen independent high schools asking after our 8th graders, hoping a few of them will apply to their school. Once a local independent high school accepts one of our students, they are always back recruiting for more year after year. We also hear from the public high schools about our students’ character and maturity. For example, an English teacher from Danbury High School, with over 4,000 students, took the time to write: “Your student is one of the most well-rounded human beings I’ve met in my decade as an educator. He understands things at a depth well beyond his years.”

As freshmen, two other HVWS graduates were nominated for People’s Choice Awards by their teachers. You can view the videos below to see what high school teachers have said about our graduates. Or better yet, use this link to read a bit of what our alumni say about their HVWS education.

The graduation project presentations, the Shakespeare play, and graduation are events for our whole community to celebrate: students and families currently enrolled; our alumni; and those exploring Waldorf education.

HVWS is a small school doing BIG things. Please join us–you will be glad you did.


Therese Lederer
Enrollment Director


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