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Thank you to everyone who attended, and all who worked so hard to create a magical event! Special thanks to the Fall Fair Committee: Allison Washington, Allison Valentino, Heather Hiemstra, Gwynneth Sobejko, and Jodi Knuff.

Thank you to Daily Fare for providing tasty baked goods and warm drinks. And a huge thank you to HVWS parents Tomoko Nishimura, Lisa Tassone (La Zingara Ristorante), and Laura McKinney (Riverbank Farm) for providing delicious produce and lunch items, for pulling it all together, and for a very generous donation at the end of the event.

Thank you to the Rose & Sunflower Kindergartens for organizing Face Painting. Special thanks to Gwynneth Sobejko, Laura McKinney, and Jennifer Esposito, as well as Anne Kupferberg, Dasha Bukovska, John Alvord, Christina Setkoski, Monika and Aliz Mihok, Tina Fava, Emily Remensperger, Emily Stringer, Cady Carroll, Alex Exley, Matt Miller, Christina Dixcy, Kerrie Newell, Jeremy Hemphill, and Heather Hemphill.

Thank you to the First Grade for organizing the Fabric Ghosts. Special thanks to Jodi Knuff as well as Finn Sobejko (for sorting through a few thousand beads), Darcy Demu, Vicki Hornbostel, Christine Martino, Christina Dixcy, Andrew Yu, Dale Tucker, Chrysa Keating, Julie Whitney, Alex Exley, Jean Baldwin and David Beckstrom.

Thank you to the Second Grade for organizing the Silk Flags. Special thanks to Allison Washington, Marlies Simfeld-Redpath, and ClareAnn James as well as Paul & Gwynneth Sobejko, Isabella Bargagna, Terrie Nesto, Monika Geerling, Robin Howard, Robert Redpath, Lisa Richter, Camille Lawrence & Johnny Poston, and Brett & Kim Carr.

Thank you to the Third Grade for organizing Pocketman/Pocketmaiden. Special thanks to Beth Anesi and Deirdre McCann as well as Laura McKinney, Tomoko Nishimura, Allison Valentino, Jacinta O'Donoghue, Jennifer Moscatello, Heather Hiemstra, Gina Schum, Kathleen Young, Anastasia Pryanikova, Mari Rooney, Ian McCann, Dylan Lew, and everyone who donated Pocketman Treasures

Thank you to the Fourth Grade (and Warrup's Farm) for organizing Pumpkin Decorating. Special thanks to Jodi Knuff, Amy Abramson, and Damon Reynolds, as well as Natasha DeCastro, Marlies Simfeld-Redpath, Lisa Richter, Wei Bertram, Andrew Yu, and the elves who stepped in to help move the table to a higher-traffic location.

Thank you to the Fifth Grade for organizing Woodland Pond. Special Thanks to Allison Valentino and Yolie Moreno as well as Chrysa Keating, Alena Keating, Lily Moreno, Terrie Nesto, Callie Nesto, Denise Pedane, Nathan Pedane, Laura Wittmer, Jordan Wittmer, Dasha Bukovska, Kara Reese, Sandy Proksa, Gwynneth Sobejko, Chris Sheridan, Peter Wipf, Genevieve Dagobert, Denise Pedane, Emily Remensperger, Chris Baliko, Jennifer Leavitt (and Carol Reznikoff & Marleen De Grande for taking a leap of faith).

Thank you to the Sixth Grade for organizing the Rainbow Garden School Store. A special thank you to Jo Hurley as well as Jeppe Christiansen, Sean Christiansen, Jamie Baldwin, Amy Abramson, Jacinta Ancona, Peter Coleman, Karen Beckmann, Lisa Richter, Julie Whitney, ClareAnn James, Sarah Pfisterer, Dawn Parker, Carrie Reilly, Lola Strilowich, Rich Strilowich, Amalia Pretel-Gray, and Laura McKinney.

Thank you to the Seventh Grade parents for overseeing parking as well as manning the ticket table. Special thanks to Deirdre McCann and Marisa DelMonaco as well as Janelle Beardsley, and the Anderson, Fernandez, Goode, Greguski, Knuff, McCann, McFarland, Mihok, Redpath, Schoenberg, Schum, Siddiqui, Stringer, and Usher families.

Thank you to the Eighth Grade, it made a world of difference having your help on setup and cleanup! Special thanks to Kara Reese, Thomas Reese, Leslie & David Lew, and all of the Eighth Grade parents and students

Special thanks to the hardworking and talented Puppetry Committee for their two presentations of "Moonflower": Isabel Gandara, Beth Anesi, Nancy Disbrow, Jessica Khoshabo, Aliz Mihok, and Linda Straub.

Thank you to Patricia Campbell and Julie Sorcek for bringing their lively music and dance to the Fair!

Thank you also to the HVWS alumni & former students who helped with all of our last-minute set-up needs: Elliott Bennett, Christopher Anesi, Abraham DeFeo, Nick Seis, Jared Fiala, Peter & Eric Mihok, Dylan Lew, Paige Storrier, Louise Fernandez, and Max Khoshabo.

Thank you to Carrie Reilly who takes care of whatever needs to be done and in particular helped keep us hydrated. Thank you to Therese Lederer and Marcela Perez for staffing the ticket table for the entire Fair. Thank you to Melissa Merkling and Tricia Bennett-Bigham for preparing the Sundial House front room. Thank you to Nathalie Bennett for designing our lovely flyers, as well as our poster-distributors: Alex Exley, Jennifer Esposito, Beth Anesi, Carolyn Storrier, Humberto Navarro, Jennifer Moscatello, Jennifer Wipf, Marisa Del Monaco, Mark Ancona, Melissa Merkling, Nancy Disbrow, Heather Hemphill, Peggy McFarland, Genevieve Dagobert, and Wei Betram. Thank you to Diane Rockwell for her help with everything, always.

And finally, thank you to whoever was responsible for organizing the AMAZING weather!

2014 Fall Fair

October 25, 10 AM-3 PM

Parents, there is still time--please turn in your Pocket Man donations today! 


Puppet Shows & Dancing

The Puppetry Committee will present Moonflower at
11:30 & 12:30
Moonflower is a Native American tale about a journey of a courageous girl named Moonflower who loves dearly three things. She loves the Moon, who gives her gentle quietness. She loves her friend, the Bear, who gives her love and wisdom. But most of all she loves the Rose, who gave her beauty.
We'll have folk dancing on the lawn led by Patricia Campbell at

Daily Fare from Bethel & Riverbank Farm of Roxbury plus wraps from La Zingara in Bethel

Plus children's crafts, Pocket Man, face-painting, and Woodland Pond.
Visit our School Store's table and stock up on birthday gifts!
Non-scary costumes welcomed.
Rain or Shine

Please note: our Holiday Market will run separately this year.  Dates for the market are November 22 & 23.

Fall Fair Parking

Available Parking Lots:
  • Taunton Hill (Taunton Hill Rd. at Rt. 302)
  • South Campus, lower portion (Jacklin Rd)
  • Rear Fire House Lot--please do not park in the reserved spaces facing the building, or along the side of the building, blocking the bay doors (Jacklin Rd.)
  • Front Fire House Lot (Rt. 302)
  • Dodgingtown Garage (Rt. 302)
  • Rear of Dodgingtown Market & Deli--please do not park in the front or side lots (Rt. 302)

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