Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble to Perform for HVWS Students

Posted On: 10/16/2013 1:51 PM

When Rudolf Steiner created eurythmy, he envisioned it for three specific venues: the pedagogical, the therapeutic, and the stage performance.The Eurythmy Spring Valley Ensemble is one of the only touring professional eurythmy stage groups in the United States. These ten dedicated eurythmists work daily to bring the highest quality stage eurythmy to the Community of Spring Valley, NY and we are lucky to be able to welcome them to the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School!

On Thursday October the 24th, they will bring two programs to HVWS students:

For our Fourth through Eighth Grade students: the legend Gawain and the Loathly Lady. It is Christmas Tide at Camelot and all the knights and ladies surrounding Arthur and Guinevere are celebrating. But suddenly in rides a noble lady and tells her woes of the giant of the northern waste who challenges Arthur to fight: and so Lady Adventure visits and Arthur must ride forth. Soon his life and honor are forfeit to a most loathly lady, and none of his gallant knights seem to be able to help him … except for one. Thus this new tale draws us into the rich pageantry of one of the classic Arthurian legends. This tale is preceded by Rhapsody in Eb by Johannes Brahms, one of his ballades which is played less often. It opens at a strong, quick rhythmic pace and, via many contrasting sections and a beautifully lyric center, leads to a rousing finishin minor, of course.

The children in Kindergarten through Third Grade will enjoy the Fairy Tale, The Donkey by The Brothers Grimm. A musical little donkey is born to a King and Queen, and when he grows up goes out on grand adventures with his faithful companion, the lute. He soon finds himself in another kingdom where he falls in love with the Kings' Daughter. After their wedding, he secretly sheds his donkey's skin and appears in the form of a handsome royal youth. One night when they are both fast asleep, the king sneaks into their chamber to take the skin away, so the donkey is forced to reveal himself in his true shape, and is greatly rewarded in the end. This story will also be accompanied with a small Mozart piece and a little French poem about butterflies.


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