Welcome to our New Website!

After more than a year of review, writing, editing, designing, consulting with Magic Hour (our web design company), going through our vast photo inventory and capturing new images for a new year, at long last we are launching our brand new website this week!

Ta-da! Here it is. We wanted our site to be welcoming, informative, simple to use, illustrative of our school, and helpful to both prospective and current families alike. There is also an easy-to-view version designed for mobile phones.

We hope we have accomplished most of those goals. We realizeand are thrilled— that this is a work in progress and that it will be constantly updated. We urge readers to check back often for more information and more photos, and to keep track of news, upcoming events, and opportunities for experiencing HVWS.

Many hands, heads, and hearts have made this new website possible and we are sincerely grateful to those who have contributed their many skills. Please let us know what you think of the website, and how we might improve it.

Almost twenty-five years ago, we could not have imagined engaging with the new MS-Dos Personal Computer to communicate news that the seeds of Waldorf education had just been planted. From an antediluvian word processing typewriter, our founder Melissa Merkling (currently on the HVWS staff) pounded out minutes of the organizing meetings. She stuffed envelopes and sent the news of progress via what we now call snail mail. HVWS did not even own a computer until many years later. At the time, we laughed heartily about the implausible prospect of our little school’s phone message announcing, “You have reached the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School. For information, please press one…” How preposterous! Yet here we are, integrated into the world of social media and the very technology about which we were once wary. Now we use it confidently as a tool for effective community communication.

Of course in the end, as in the classroom, we know that nothing replaces the personal, face-to-face exchange of information, even for adults. That’s why we repeatedly suggest throughout the website that if you are a prospective family curious about Waldorf education, you consider a visit to see what we are about, and if you are already a member of the HVWS community, you get involved with an event, a committee, as a class parent. After you've experienced the school through our on-line presence, do contact us--we’d love to hear from you!


Posted by Laura Selleck on 9/9/2013 1:03 PM


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