A Step Forward

The expansive summer season is drawing to a close, and we see the first day of school just over the horizon. Parents and staff alike are always amazed at the growth of students when they cross the playground gates once again. Fed by the summer sun and breezes, their vibrancy is palpable.

Even if they take tentative steps toward their new school friends or classroom, they are ready to meet their new challenges. Parents, often eager to walk beside them beyond the gate must now summon faith and courage to stand aside, and believe that their decision to send their child off to their new day was the right one. Held in the embrace of a warm community of professionals, children will get through their first few days without their parents and will return home with a new confidence and conviction to do their best the next day.

It is natural to want to know how the child's day went. Parents are eager to share in the excitement. However, it is best to let the child offer information on their own, rather that asking "How was it... how did it go... what did you do... how is your teacher... did you make any friends?" They are processing so much these first few days, and a barrage of questions can sometimes shut down the answers or cause them to give answers that pleaseor even answers that confuse! Trust that they will give you information in due time. Some children will excitedly offer a very detailed report without prompting, some will slowly reveal their day and some will take some time to get their bearings. Your loving presence and positive words can do so much for the child of any age. They know you are watching and they want your approval and your witness to their accomplishments.

Just watch them unfold; you will be amazed.


Posted by Laura Selleck on 8/26/2013 9:55 PM


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