Music permeates and harmonizes life in the Waldorf school through a curriculum designed to develop the innate musicality with which every child is born. In 1st Grade, children sing and learn to play a simple wooden pentatonic flute. Both activities are practiced daily through the elementary school years. In 3rd Grade, diatonic flutes and string instruments are introduced. Students may choose a wind instrument beginning in 6th Grade.

In the Upper Grades, all students belong to the Chorus and Orchestra. This demands increasing precision and skill as more sophisticated pieces are studied. There are two concerts a year at which both groups perform. In addition, all students play 3- or 4-part music in their class Recorder Ensembles.

Music is taught not only for its own sake and the joy it engenders, but also because it brings a strong harmonizing and humanizing force into the child’s life, strengthening the will and capabilities for the future.


I want to work with people whose imaginations have been unleashed and who tackle problems as challeng
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An education enriched by the creative arts should be considered essential for everyone.

-John Sculley, former chairman/CEO of Apple Computers, Inc.

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