At certain points of the year we honor the human being’s relationship to the natural world. At HVWS, festivals are experienced in a nondenominational way in relation to the rhythms of the earth, seasons, and elements. Festival celebrations range from individual classroom events to community-wide gatherings. The following are a glimpse of some of the major festivals we celebrate each year.



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Advent Spiral


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May Fair


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A Note About the Festivals We Celebrate

The word “Christian,” as commonly used, generally refers to a religion and religious dogma. In the Waldorf School we do not believe that any dogma is appropriate to the world’s current stage of consciousness, so the school does not adhere to or promote any particular religion’s beliefs.

What we do believe is that behind all the great world religions were individuals who experienced the reality of the spiritual world, and tried to relate their experience to others. By teaching the world’s cultures in our classes, to the best of our ability, we attempt to acknowledge the unifying spark of the spiritual nature of all human beings.
We try to celebrate this spirit of the human being in our festival life by marking the traditional European festivals that are connected to the seasons and rhythms of nature most akin to our North American heritage and culture. Many of these are traditionally “Christian” festivals, which we consciously celebrate in a new way that seeks to be inclusive and respectful of the diversity of ways in which spirit has historically been revealed in the world.


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