The Grades Classroom

The Class Teacher ideally takes the same class of children through eight years of elementary school (First to Eighth Grade), teaching all the Main Lesson subjects. For the teacher, this means time to really get to know the children and help their gifts unfold. For the students, this relationship offers stability and guidance.

Textbooks are not used in the elementary grades. Instead, the teacher creates the presentation and the children create individual books for each subject, recording and illustrating the substance of their lessons. These books, often artistic and beautiful, are an important way in which art is integrated into every subject.

Main Lesson is the two-hour period every morning in which the main subject of the day is presented. That subject―for example mathematics, history, botany, or acoustics―is taught daily for a 3- or 4-week block and then put aside, perhaps to be continued later in the term. This approach allows for concentrated, in-depth experience; freshness and enthusiasm; and time to digest what has been learned.


I want to work with people whose imaginations have been unleashed and who tackle problems as challeng
es rather than see them as

An education enriched by the creative arts should be considered essential for everyone.

-John Sculley, former chairman/CEO of Apple Computers, Inc.

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