How Do Our Graduates Fare?

Each year since 2002, we survey our graduates at the end of 9th grade. The following is a summary of typical student responses.

In Academics, they tend to:
  • be well-rounded, creative thinkers;
  • have strong study skills and place into honors classes;
  • have a more cosmopolitan worldview than peers because of their exposure to the world’s great ideas, literature, and religions, plus eight years of German and Spanish language and culture;
  • be ahead of peers in Language Arts, Social Studies, Drama, Music, and Fine and Applied Arts;
  • be at grade level in Math and Foreign Languages;
  • encounter a narrower, more quantitative approach to Science.
In Attitude, they tend to be:
  • enthusiastic about school and interested in learning because they’ve been taught imaginatively and artistically;
  • more likely to expect good, trusting relationships with teachers because they are used to teachers who care deeply about them;
  • more self-possessed than peers, because of years of experience with reciting, singing, acting and public speaking;
  • emotionally mature for their age because their developmental stages have been honored and supported at HVWS;
  • able to land on their feet and have a relatively short transition to other school environments.
Socially, they tend to:
  • have high levels of tolerance for diversity because of our curriculum’s emphasis on cooperative, empathetic, humane relationships;
  • seek in-depth friendships because of their lasting bonds with HVWS classmates, who are almost like siblings.
Physically, they are typically:
  • graceful, coordinated and upright because of their years of movement trainingnot only in Eurythmy and Physical Education, but in all the classes incorporating movement in the early grades, notably Math and Language Arts.


Your son is one of the most well-rounded human beings I’ve met in my decade as an educator. He understands things at a depth far beyond his years.

-Christina Richa, English Department, Danbury High School
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