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Welcome, Alumni!

We always love to hear what you are up to, so please drop us a line and give us an update. If you haven't already, join the HVWS alumni group on Facebook!

Alumni Coordinator: Bernardo Navarro, Class of 2005

HVWS is thrilled that alumnus Bernardo Navarro has agreed to take on the role of Alumni Coordinator.  We are particularly eager to update our alumni records as we approach our 25th anniversary year!

Alumni (and alumni families) please send any updates to your contact information to Bernardo at

Class of 2005

Alumni News
Click in for updates from Benjamin Larsson, Zoë Schlanger, Tucker Grose, Bernardo Navarro, and Zoë Mena.

Class of 2009

Alumni News
Click in for updates from Peter Van Deusen, Aleksi Tichler, Elisa Navarro, and Schuyler Milone.

Class of 2010

Alumni News
Click in for updates on Jared Parker and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Knudsen.

Class of 2011

Alumni News
Click in for an update on Shami Khoshabo and Abraham DeFeo.

Class of 2013

Alumni News
Click in for updates on Erik Mihok and Madison Wittmer.

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Thank you, Alumni!

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