Other Forms of Support

Annual Pay Discounts
Families choosing to pay tuition in one payment by July 15 reduce their tuition by 2%. 

Monthly Payments
The majority of our families choose this option and pay the balance of their tuition, after deposit and tuition insurance, in 10 or 12 equal monthly payments through TADS. 

Early Childhood Program and Flexible Spending Accounts
If your employer offers a Flexible Spending Account, you may be eligible to pay all, or a portion of, your Early Childhood tuition (nursery/preschool) and aftercare costs with pre-taxed dollars. Age limits may apply. Check with your employer for details. 

Sibling Discount
We understand that providing a Waldorf Education for your children is a significant investment. Sibling discounts are available upon request. We will offer a 15% discount for the second youngest child, 25% discount for the third youngest, and 35% discount for the fourth and subsequent child(ren). The largest discount is applied to the oldest enrolled child. 

The Erica and Frank Merkling Scholarship
The interest from a generous endowment is used to cover up to 90% of tuition for one qualifying, new grade school student. Application procedures are the same as for Variable Tuition. The scholarship was set up to follow the student throughout his/her academic career at HVWS, or until such time the family’s economic circumstances change. For this reason a new scholarship may not be available every year.


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