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Summer Camp: Week 3

Date: 7/12/2018Start Time: 9:00 AMEnd Time: 3:00 PMLocation:

Explorers Week 3: July 9-13; Water and Wonder
There is no better time than the summer to enjoy water play. Sand, mud, and water are great companions in the summertime, so have fun building, creating, and relaxing this week! The sprinkler will be showering our play time and activities will include watercolor painting to add to your fun.
Artists Week 3: July 9-13; Teensy Tiny Worlds with Emily Remensperger
Explore with an artistic eye and artistic methods and mediums, all the fun that a miniature world can share with us. Hone various artistic skills while creating homes, playthings, and practical things for your vision of “Teensy, Tiny.”

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