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New Date...Martinmas, Grades 1-4

Date: 11/14/2018Start Time: 5:30 PMEnd Time: 7:00 PMLocation: Warrup's Farm, John Read Rd., Redding

Please dress appropriately. Only 4-wheel drive cars should park in the regular lot. 2-wheel drive cars should park at the house.
Celebrated in northern Europe, this holiday commemorates St. Martin, who as a young man passed under an archway in the city of Amiens and discovered a poor beggar huddled there. The man was nearly naked, shivering with cold, and had received no alms to assist him. On seeing him, Martin took his own cape from his shoulders, tore the garment in half, and covered the poor man to warm him. The following night Martin had a dream in which he saw Christ wearing the same piece of his cape. The experience confirmed in him his devotion to all humankind, regardless of their station in life.

Martin went on to become the patron saint of beggars, drunkards and outcasts. He was known for his gentleness, his unassuming nature, and his ability to bring warmth and light to those who were previously in darkness. On the evening of Martinmas, children in Waldorf schools remember St. Martin with a festival of lanterns they have made. As we carry our lit lanterns into the woods at dusk, we symbolically represent the light of our humanity which transcends winter's darkness, and the light of love and generosity illuminating the world. The stars, moons and suns with which the lanterns are decorated attest to the heavenly origins of these shining human qualities.

Grades 1-4 Celebration
Festival begins promptly, please arrive on time.
Children will make lanterns in class; parents may bring their own. The children will walk with their class teachers. Parents and siblings will follow behind. The walk will be in silence, to allow us to be as open and reverent as possible in the magic and beauty of the woodland setting. Please help us respect this mood -- the children look to the adults for this reverence. Martinmas songs will begin the walk and end it. Please walk silently and carefully to the parking lot with your lit lanterns to return to your home. Dress warmly for a woodland walk!

Directions from HVWS; take Rt. 302 to Route 58 in Bethel. Go left on Route 58 south for 5 miles to Route 107 at Putnam Park. Make a right to follow Route 107, then left to continue to Warrup's Farm which is on John Read Rd., about a mile from Putnam Park, on the left

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