Rainbow Garden School Store

Rainbow Garden School Store

The Rainbow Garden School Store will reopen once construction in the Rose Garden building is complete. For more information please contact Jo Hurley.

Steiner Books

Order Deadline: 10/27/14
order sheet

Rainbow Garden, the Housatonic Valley Waldorf School store, will be placing an order for books from…“Steiner Books-The Education Resource Catalog” ….on Monday, October 27th. This year we asked faculty for recommendations for books and here is the abbreviated list.

Faculty Picks:

  • Elsa Beskow – All titles. Examples – The Land of long Ago, Pelle’s New Suit, Ollie’s Ski Trip
  • Sibylle von Olfers – The Story of the Root Children
  • Selma Lagerlof – TheWonderful Adventures of Nils
  • Isabel Wyatt – All titles. Examples –The Seven Year old Wonder Book, King Beetle Tamer
  • Nancy Mellon – Storytelling with Children
  • Sally Goddard Blythe – What Babies and Children Really Need, The Well Balanced Child
  • Hermann Koepke – Encountering the Self
  • Shirly Latessa – Auragole of the Mountains
  • Julian Sleigh – Thirteen to Nineteen

Please look through the catalog included in your mail folder. Complete an order sheet and place your check, payable to HVWS, in the Rainbow Garden mailbox, located in the Administrative Cottage by Monday, October 27th. You will receive free shipping to the school and 10% off your order. Thank you for your support. All proceeds go to HVWS’s 2014-2015 operating budget. Any questions please email January Cilento (

Dr. Hauschka Orders Due

Order Deadline: 10/22/2014
Dr. Hauschka natural skin care products and holistic home remedies respect the body's natural rhythms, working with these processes to restore balance and bring about lasting beauty. The pure, Biodynamic, organic and wild-harvested ingredients in Dr. Hauschka’s natural skin care products will be welcomed by your skin as a relief from products that disrupt its natural processes and rhythms.

Plan ahead...get your holiday gifts now!

Rainbow Garden will place an order with Dr. Hauschka on Octobr 22nd, 2014. For this order, all customers will receive a 10% discount and free shipping to the school. All proceeds go to HVWS’s 2014-2015 operating budget.

Please visit the Dr. Hauschka website ( for their selections of remedies and products.
Print and complete an order sheet and leave it, along with your check (made out to HVWS) in the school store mailbox located in the administrative cottage by October 22nd. 

With any questions email Jo Hurley ( 

Uriel Pharmacy: Waldorf School Fundraising Program

Enter the promotional school code WS40 when making purchases online at and HVWS will receive a rebate of 10% of your purchase!

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