Puppet Shows

The puppet show in the Waldorf tradition features hand-sewn puppets, sumptuous plant-dyed silks, and a simple, age-appropriate performance style suited to young children's attention spans and level of awareness. A peaceful and enchanted mood prevails. Our puppet shows are appropriate for 3-8 year-olds.

All performances begin at 10 AM and are presented in the Lower Level of Compass Hall at 1 Jacklin Rd. in Newtown. Puppet shows are free, however The Puppetry Committee will happily accept a goodwill offering to support Women for Women International, an organization helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives: www.WomenforWomen.org.

2016-2016 Puppet Shows

October 29, 2016 (Fall Fair): Rolly Polly Rice Ball
January 21, 2017: Shingebiss
March 11, 2017: Lucky Patrick
Rolly Poly Rice Ball is a story of a poor man from Japan who packed three rice balls for his lunch. When he was walking through the fields to go to work, a rice ball fell out of his handkerchief and rolled down a hole. He tried to stop this from happening but when he leaned over the hole he heard someone singing. He was so surprised and interested that he too rolled down the hole. This story tell us about all the adventures he had in this magical place and how he became wealthy after this adventure. The poor man's neighbor heard about this journey and with greed in his heart tried to replicate it. (Guess what his reward was for his deed driven by a greedy heart?)
Shingebiss is a Chippewa tale of a courageous little duck who always finds plenty of food to eat. In all seasons, the Great Lake is full of fish. But one cold year the lake freezes over, and Shingebiss has to find a way to fish through the thick ice. To do that, he must face the fierce North Wind. This story captures all the power of winter and all the courage of a small being who refuses to see winter as his enemy and shows that those who follow the ways of Shingebiss will always have plenty to eat, no matter how hard the great North Wind blows.

Lucky Patrick is a story of a very simple farmer named Patrick from the green hills of Ireland, who finds a leprechaun as he is walking across his land. This is a story of all the adventures that Patrick goes through after he finds a pot of gold and the leprechaun puts a spell on him.

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