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Hot Lunch Order Form

Pizza lunches are available for grade students every TUESDAY.  Orders placed on this form are for the entire year.

This is a fundraiser for our lead class.

Thank you!

-1 slice per week for the year is $72.
-2 slices per week for the year is $144.
-3 slices per week for the year is $216.
The form will calculate and display your total below.

Please allow up to two weeks for processing changes and cancellations. You will be notified by e-mail when your modification is complete.
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Family Name:

Child 1 Name:
Child 1 Pizza Type:
Child 1 Order:
Please enter # of slices:  @ $72.00

Child 2 Name:
Child 2 Pizza Type:
Child 2 Order:
Please enter # of slices:  @ $72.00

Child 3 Name:
Child 3 Pizza Type:
Child 3 Order:
Please enter # of slices:  @ $72.00
Form Total: $0.00

Payment Options:

Checks for the full amount should be written to HVWS. If you select SMART, you agree to have the total deducted from your SMART account.

Honeywell Alert System

Parents, please make sure you have registered for the Honeywell Alert System so that you will be notified of any unexpected school closings or important announcements in a timely fashion.

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