Parent-Teacher Association

HVWS Needs Your Head, Heart, and Hands!
The mission of the Association, which welcomes all families, faculty, and administration as members, is to build community at the school. We have an exceptional community already…and we can build it even stronger! To that end, we are reorganizing the PTA according to a Steiner-inspired Head-Heart-Hands model. Within that context, we are looking with a fresh eye at everything we do. For those of you who have been involved with the school and the PTA in the past, this may mean some things will be different going forward. Ultimately, the Association and our community will be what we create them to be.
Thus, we begin a journey this year with the Head/Heart/Hands model from a perspective of no expectations. We propose a single guiding philosophy—each of us will be involved in the school in the ways that are fun for us and about which we are passionate—for the benefit of our children, ourselves, and our community. If one or many of us wish to lead or contribute to an activity, it will happen and can be extraordinary. If no one is inspired or able to be involved, that particular event or need will fall away. In this way, we can become an even more vibrant and living institution by design, continually refreshing ourselves as nature does, with organic cycles of rebirth and renewal, growth, and dissolution.
We need your energy and inspiration to help create What Is To Be!
For more information, please e-mail Laura Stotz at:


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