2017-2018 Grades 1-8 Tuition and Fees


Think you can’t afford a Waldorf Education? Think again!
Variable Tuition Range
Families wishing to explore Variable Tuition simply apply online.
$5,079 - $16,930

Extended Care
Drop off is between 8 and 8:20 AM. Pickup is at 3 PM. First and Second Grade students are dismissed at 12:35 PM on Thursdays. Extended Care, in the Rose Garden building on the North Campus, is available to all HVWS students on a drop-in basis or contracted for the year at a lower rate.

Class Trip Fees
The Third Grade farm trip and the Eighth Grade class trip are regular components of the Waldorf curriculum. A $110 annual charge is included on enrollment contracts for each student in Grade 1-8. By the Third Grade $330 is accumulated and by the Eighth Grade $550 is accumulated for each of these trips. These fees are non-refundable.

Field Trips
All other class field trip fees are handled by the respective class teacher at the time of the trip.

Musical Instruments
Beginning in the Third Grade, parents are responsible for buying or renting an instrument so their child can participate in the Strings program. Parents are also expected to arrange for additional private lessons outside of class time. In the upper grades the purchase of a recorder for ensemble will be required.

Tuition Insurance
HVWS recognizes that life circumstances occasionally require withdrawal from school, possibly making it a financial hardship to honor the Tuition Agreement you signed. For this reason HVWS now offers the opportunity to purchase Tuition Insurance. All new families are required to purchase Tuition Insurance for the first year. In subsequent years, Tuition Insurance is voluntary.

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