The Grade School

Crossing the Bridge

The transition from early childhood to the grade school is a major one, both for children and parents. 
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1-3 Grade

The intellect undergoes a pronounced change between early childhood and the elementary years.
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4-5 Grade

Ten-year-olds seek independence, objectivity, a sense of direction and spatial orientation, and empathy with others.
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Nurturing and Supporting Change

To nurture and support the changes taking place in upper grades students, the Waldorf curriculum transforms significantly from that of earlier grades.
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6-8 Grade - Middle School

Emerging Adolescence: What to Expect
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6-8 Grade - Middle School

Movement and the Arts in Middle School Grades
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Private School Student Playing Violin in Newtown, CT

I want to work with people whose imaginations have been unleashed and who tackle problems as challeng
es rather than see them as

An education enriched by the creative arts should be considered essential for everyone.

-John Sculley, former chairman/CEO of Apple Computers, Inc.

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