Is my child ready for First Grade?

The First Grade Readiness Screening
The transition from Early Childhood to First Grade is a major one. Therefore each child’s potential readiness is evaluated individually. In order to be considered for the following September, children must turn 6 by April 30. The First Grade Readiness screening is conducted, beginning in February, for the students enrolled in our Early Childhood programs; applicants from other programs are screened separately.

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First Grade Curriculum

  • Language Arts: Fairy tales; upper-case letters; the sentence; recitation of poetry
  • Social Studies: Festival celebrations
  • Science: Nature stories; nature walks
  • Math: Quality of numbers; the four processes; number partners; times tables—1, 2, 5, 10
  • Spanish & German: Counting; naming things; songs; dances; poetry; conversation
  • Art: Wet-on-wet watercolor painting; beeswax modeling; crayon drawing; form drawing
  • Practical Arts: Knitting; gift-making
  • Drama: Re-enactment of fairy tales; class play; assembly performances
  • Music: Pentatonic flutes; singing
  • Movement: Two outdoor recesses a day; Eurythmy; daily body geography exercises

First Grade Highlights

At the Rose Ceremony that welcomes the class into the Grade School, each First Grader receives a buddy from the lead class, with whom s/he will interact often during the year. The First Grader is gently led into the joyous world of formalized learning—a big change from the familiar Early Childhood setting. The rich, beautiful curriculum stimulates the imagination, feeds the soul, and lays the foundation for the capacity to understand ideas.

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First Grade Handwork: Knitting

In the first grade the child experiences the first step in separating from his/her surroundings and is beginning to look around in a different way.

The will and feeling gradually begin to work with thinking.

Knitting is the perfect way to bring this about.

-David Mitchell and Patricia Livingston, Waldorf Educators
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