Family-School Partnership

The HVWS Family-School Partnership is an evolution of the former PTA and includes an organizing body of family representatives who will participate more directly in steering activities at the school. We are looking for at least one parent from every class to represent all HVWS families and attend the monthly evening meetings relatively consistently. ALL members of our community are welcome at all meetings, and many meetings will feature community enrichment programs.

Responsibilities of the partnership will include:
  • promoting communication throughout the school community;
  • providing input into selected school-wide decisions and problem-solving if needed;
  • assisting with the development of family enrichment programs in coordination with the College of Teachers;
  • guiding the process by which new families are welcomed and integrated into the school;
  • initiating and helping to coordinate volunteer activities in service to the school and community; and
  • enhancing community life and connectedness at the school.
Please RSVP to Laura Stotz at or 203-499-8934 if you are interested in being involved in the work of the Partnership. Thank you.

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