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Newtown's Seventh Annual Earth Day Celebration

Newtown Middle School, Queen Street

Join us on Saturday, April 26th from 10 AM to 4 PM to celebrate Earth Day with the town of Newtown.  Stop by our table and plant seeds in little newspaper planters.  Bring the planters home and watch your seeds grow!

For more information please visit:

Grow Jack’s Beanstalk!

Instructions for planting and care of Bush Beans

• Plant 2 beans about 1” deep, 2” apart, cover with moist soil.

• Set in sun and keep moist but not waterlogged.

• When 2 sets of true leaves appear, carefully transplant to a larger container with drainage. Watch moisture level. They will rot if there is too much water.

• To transition to garden or large planter, transplant when 8” tall and danger of frost passes (around May 15th). A few days before planting, harden off the plant on a porch or in a protected area, to get it used to the sunlight. Choose an overcast day to plant in the earth. Be careful to tend and water, and cover if there is threat of frost. They will not need staking.

• Flowers will appear after about 40 days and you will harvest beans in about 60 days.

Thank You

Thank you to Warrup's Farm for donating seeds and soil!

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