What is “Educational Support”?

From the first day of Early Childhood to Eighth Grade graduation, the HVWS faculty is dedicated to maximizing each student's capacity to become his or her best self. In order to accommodate all different learning styles, the teachers incorporate a wide variety of activities into their lessons. Movement, recitation, painting and drawing, crafts, sculpting, games, singing, playing instruments—all help to supplement and complement the academic aspects of the curriculum, so there is usually at least one area in which each student can excel. It may happen, however, that a student experiences difficulties: physical, academic, cognitive, behavioral, or emotional. When a student is struggling, the teachers may call on the Educational Support Group for extra assistance in helping the student work through issues standing in the way of progress.

HVWS offers several different therapies, each of which addresses a different area of the child’s experience, with the common goal of supporting the educational process – the child’s ability to learn successfully – by strengthening the foundations of thinking, feeling and willing, on which higher learning capacities are based. The areas addressed include physical coordination and balance, healthy neurological development, self-confidence, physical and emotional health, and cognitive and academic skills. The therapies we offer are:
  • Therapeutic Eurythmy (Eurythmy Movement Therapy)
  • Therapeutic Singing
  • Language Arts Support
  • The Extra Lesson & Early Movement Integration Therapy
The Educational Support Group maintains a Resource List of other therapists. The Pedagogical Resource Teacher may also be asked to provide individual or small-group academic assistance.

Therapeutic Eurythmy

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Therapeutic Singing

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Language Arts Support

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The Extra Lesson & Early Movement Integration Therapy

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When and where do services take place?

To receive services, students are generally taken out of a regular class period by an Educational Support specialist, who accompanies them to a designated ESG space in Sundial House, Compass Hall, or the Rose Garden Early Childhood building. Most sessions last 45 minutes (one specialty period). Services may also be available before or after school hours.

How much do these services cost?

Each ESG service costs $10 per session. Students receive services prioritized according to the teachers’ and ESG’s estimates of relative need. Additional services from ESG specialists and other approved specialists and tutors are available at parents’ expense.
An anthroposophically trained, licensed naturopathic physician and registered nurse,
Dr. Tamara Potselueva, sees patients at HVWS and contributes her consulting services to the Educational Support Group.  She is available to see patients professionally in the Morning Glories (parent-child) classroom one Wednesday a month.  Appointments can be made by calling 860-664-3651 or e-mailing 
For further information
on any aspect of the HVWS Educational Support program, please contact Educational Support Coordinator Melissa Merkling at 203-364-1113 or mmerkling@waldorfct.org.
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