What does it mean to be an active committee member?

Being a part of a committee is a way for you to contribute meaningfully to the work of the school. Match your skills to the committee, but also keep in mind that your skills may be developed by serving on the committee.
  • Attempt to attend every meeting.
  • Show up more than just physically; listen well.
  • Stay within the mandate of the group.
  • Keep confidentiality.
  • Think, “How can I improve this committee?”
  • Support the committee chair.
  • Be willing to take on work for the committee, in addition to attending the meetings & take care of your action points promptly.
  • Know when you’re spreading yourself too thin!

Committee List

Parents, faculty, staff, board members, and friends of the school all serve on the committees listed below:
  • The Capital Asset Strategy Team (CAST) supports the short-term and long-term development of our infrastructure, including all physical properties of HVWS.
  • The Development Committee forges partnerships and pursues creative ways to support HVWS’s sustainability and growth.
  • The Diversity Committee honors and explores diversity, such as age, ancestry, ability, race, religion, gender, gender-identification, marital status, family composition, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status as an essential part of a strong school community.  
  • The Finance Committee sets financial policies, ensures that those policies are carried out, and provides the information required for sound financial decision-making.
  • Fundraising Event Committees support the coordination of our annual fundraising events—such as the Fall Fair and Spring Benefit—to build community and financial support for the school. 
  • The Family-School Partnership is comprised of every community member who supports HVWS. The Partnership provides an opportunity for parents to communicate with each other and to bring a unique and coordinated effort to the vision of the school. Monthly meetings are open to all parents.
  • The Parent Ambassadors support outreach initiatives and work to improve how we talk about this life-changing education.
  • The Puppetry Committee brings the art of Waldorf-style puppetry to the Newtown community through study of fairy tales, creation of marionettes, and performances
  • The Rainbow Garden School Store is an enterprise run by volunteer HVWS parents to meet the demand for high-quality Waldorf toys, books and educational materials.  100% of the profits are given to the school.

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