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Summer Camp

HVWS Summer Camp is a day camp for children ages 3-12 during July and August. Offering two groupsGroup 1 for 3- to 7-year-olds and Group 2 for 8- to 12-year-olds—Summer Camp features weekly full-day programs with both before and after care available. It is the perfect place for natural and exciting summer fun!

Led by caring and talented educators, HVWS Summer Camp invites children to get a taste of a variety of activities that are aligned with the principles of Waldorf education. With just the right balance of activities and relaxation, children also enjoy the occasional field trip and are always inspired by the week’s activities, which feature wholesome, natural themes.

The Summer Camp day runs from 9 AM to 3 PM and children must bring a lunch. A snack is provided. Before and after camp are available (before: $10 a day, 8 to 9 AM; after: $20 a day, 3 to 5 PM).
  • Receive a 10% discount when you sign up for all 6 weeks! (Discount not available for before or after camp.)
  • A sibling discount of $50 per additional camper is available.
E-mail camp@waldorfct.org for more information about Summer Camp.

2015 Group 1

Ages 3-7 years*
Location: HVWS North Campus, 40 Dodgingtown Rd., Newtown
*$250/week when you register before May 2
WEEK 1 July 6-10
Puppet Play and Circus Fun
*This week only: Ages 3-8
WEEK 2 July 13-17 Butterflies and Bugs
WEEK 3 July 20-24 Fairies, Knights and Dragons
WEEK 4 July 27-31 Farm Fun
WEEK 5 Aug 3-7 Kritter Keepers
WEEK 6 Aug 10-14 Hoes, Hands and Harvest
Puppet Play and Circus Fun
Have fun this week “clowning” around! practice the circus art of tumbling, “walking a tightrope” and juggling. Incorporate this fun into a puppet play at end of week with your own handmade puppet.
Butterflies and Bugs
Summer’s warmth allows time to enjoy observing and catching our beautiful flying and hopping insect friends.
Fairies, Knights and Dragons
Help to build your own “castle” in our sandbox, while whittling away at a knight’s sword to protect the woodland fairies that might venture from out of the fairy houses.
Farm Fun
Enjoy a week of farm life! Help to harvest in the garden; make your own butter and jam. share in the chores of tending to some farm animals; watch the sheep shed some wool. You will spin it into colorful yarn and finger knit a treasure to take home with you.
Kritter Keepers: You will enjoy a week of fun in the sun while warming your heart too. Furry and lovable critters will join us this week, perhaps a feathered or scaly friend too!
Hoes, Hands and Harvest
See what abundance abounds after the warm sun has been kissing the blossoms for weeks! enjoy a banquet with family and friends on the last day with healthful, flavorful dishes you created.

2015 Group 2

Ages 8-12 years
Location: HVWS South Campus, 1 Jacklin Rd., Newtown
*$300/week when you register before May 2
WEEK 1 July 6-10
Circus Arts (Due to the nature of this program, child must be entering
third grade to participate.)‚Äč
WEEK 2 July 13-17 Archery
WEEK 3 July 20-24
Advanced Archery (Must have completed Archery course at
HVWS prior to this week,)
WEEK 4 July 27-31 Primitive Skills/Shelter Week: surviving the storm
WEEK 5 Aug 3-7 Primitive Skills/Water Week: tapping into nature's life force
WEEK 6 Aug 10-14
Primitive Skills: out of the ashes--reflecting on where we come from
Circus Arts
Everyone loves the circus! share in all the activities that make it easy to see why clowns always seem to be having fun. practice the art of juggling, ride a unicycle, learn acrobatics, tightwire, tumbling and more!
Learn the fundamentals of archery including safety and proper shooting techniques. investigate how our native american settlers used these skills for survival and how they used the resources gathered from the land.
Advanced Archery
Now that the fundamentals of archery have been established, hone your skills even more. This course will expand your abilities by strengthening techniques, form and accuracy. 
Shelter Week: surviving the storm
In this week, campers will learn the basics of primitive/emergency shelter building, weather reading, and geography as it relates to surviving the elements. Campers will have the opportunity to work together to build real shelters and experience what life is like living off the land. Through activities such as testing the shelters, campers will be able to work together to solve problems that arise in a simulated survival scenario. This week takes the fort building fun that we all loved as kids and kicks it up a notch!
Water Week: tapping into nature’s life force
In this week, campers will learn the importance of water in all aspects of life. They will learn where to find it, how to clean it, and how to transport it, when modern methods are not available. Respect for water and the other creatures that use it will be discussed and campers will have an opportunity to play in and explore some local streams and ponds. Bathing suits or quick drying clothes are recommended. 
Out of the Ashes: looking back on where we've come from
In this week, campers will learn the more advanced skills that allowed our ancestors to not only survive off the land, but to thrive and live in harmony with nature. Campers will learn skills such as fire making, animal tracking, plant identification, and primitive cooking. They will be challenged to work together to create fire without matches and to sustain a fire in any weather. Campers will have fun tracking not only animals but also each other through various “hide and seek” type games. Because of the nature of the activities, natural camouflage is often encouraged and campers will get dirty! So please send camper with a change of clothes each day.

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