At the Housatonic Valley Waldorf® School, we know how important it is to find the best educational fit for your child. We suggest you start by thinking about the end result. Imagine what type of person you want your child to be as an adult. What moral characteristics are most important to you? What types of skills will help them best succeed? Do you want them to:
  • be flexible and adapt to a changing world;
  • recognize the value in all persons and the natural world;
  • treat all with respect;
  • be comfortable in his or her body and move with strength, coordination, and confidence;
  • have a creative and discerning mind;
  • be able to solve problems and explain the process?
If your answer to the above is yes, consider a Waldorf education for your child. Please contact our Enrollment Director, Therese Lederer, at 203-364-1113 x 102, with any questions or to arrange a visit.


Waldorf is a registered service mark of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and used by agreement of membership in AWSNA.

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